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Soon Jung Mild Defence Sun Cream

This lightweight and intensely hydrating ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung Mild Defence Sun Cream protect skin from harmful and threatening UVA and UVB rays. It furthermore shields the skin from free radical damages and external aggressors, such as fine dust, sun, and stress.

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Etude House Soon Jung Mild Defence Sun Cream - koreanische Kosmetik

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Step 1

Oil Cleanser

Oil Cleansers are the fundamental and essential step of the Korean skincare routine. Oil Cleansing helps remove oil-based products such as makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen and even excess sebum from the skin at the end of the day. 

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Step 3


Toning your skin is a good habit in your skincare routine because it not only removes any leftover residuals from double cleansing but also balances the pH of your skin.

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Step 2

Water Cleanser

Water Cleansers, aka foam or gel cleanser, should be followed after the oil cleansing to help remove any debris and impurities, such as sweat and dirt. Double-Cleansing, Oil Cleansing and Foam/Gel Cleansing, is the fundamental step towards an effective skincare routine. 

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Step 3


Essence is a typical treatment step in a Korean skincare routine. They are watery and easily absorbed into the skin.

Serums/Ampoules are the concentrated skin treatments packed with a blend of active ingredients to target our particular skin problems and concerns.

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Step 5


A moisturizer is the step that seals in the previous products and gives that final hydration to your skincare routine.

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Step 6


Sunscreens are the most important step to a skincare routine. The sun is the foremost cause of skin aging, and using a sunscreen helps protect and prevent sun damage to your skin and also premature aging.

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Sheet masks are great because it allows the skin to 'rest' while it is saturated in hydrating, brightening, or anti-aging ingredients and giving an extra boost to your current skin routine when you need it the most.



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