Regarding our email subscriptions.

What Content can I expect?

  • We inform you with analyses of new trends in skin care, beauty and other topics
  • We send you personalized offers and content relating our to our shop

How often is our newsletter sent?

  • We sent our newsletter in irregular 

We use Klaviyo as our mail provider

  • Klaviyo is our mail provider of choice and supports us with analysis of email delivery and the newsletter

Double Opt-In and Opt-out

  • Naturally we comply with the Double Opt-In standard and ask everyone for consent before receiving our emails. We also let you opt-out at any time - you can find a link in every email.

Statistics and Quality Control

  • In order to improve our content you consent to the analysis of Newsletter, where we measure opening rates and click rates of certain links

Further details on data protection

  • You can find more details on data protection and privacy in our notice.