Introduction to Meekah Glow Korean Skincare Box

At this point, we’ve somehow adapted to life in our new normal. Shopping online has definitely become a part of our day to day since we’re still lessening risks of exposure to the outdoors. We’re nostalgic for many things, like spending time in stores and pharmacies to purchase our holy grail beauty items and discover new products to include in our routine. 

Truth be told, with the surplus of available products in the market, it can be confusing to choose the right ones for your skin. Experimenting in the beginning is necessary but it can actually heighten skin issues without the necessary guidance. Testing a range of different products regularly, especially for sensitive skin prone to irritation and breakouts, without doing research beforehand can cause more damage to your skin barrier in the long run, not to mention this whole process can also be such a waste of time and resources! 

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There’s a smarter way to spend your moneyand get all your money’s worth. At Meekah, we believe that beauty is personal; we want to give you a personalized solution for your beauty frustrations, and we’re here to provide a personalized beauty shopping experience unlike any otherfrom a safe distance. 

We believe a relationship with our clients takes time, much like finding a skincare routine that works, and we’re here to hold your hand along the way. Our small team of passionate skincare experts with years of experience, including our dearest friend and certified dermatologist, aims to explain the science behind your skincare. We want to answer your most pressing questions and help solve your concerns through our premium service subscription box, the first of its kind globally.

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The Meekah Glow Box is a seasonal personalized Korean skincare subscription box with your needs in mind. You’re not only getting full-sized premium products but also services, which you can’t get anywhere else. How does it work? Read ahead for the full details!

Choose your steps from 3 available types of boxes: 3-Steps Personalized Skincare Routine Set (70), 5-Steps Personalized Skincare Routine Set (€120), and 10-Steps Personalized Skincare Routine Set (€220). Spend for only what you need instead of overloading your skincare routine with unnecessary steps and products for your skin type. We value transparency, and we’ll always provide the price breakdown of the contents of each box. Did we mention that you’ll get free shipping when you’re in Germany for all orders and other European countries for orders above 120? 

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Next, reserve a consultation call with our team of skin care specialists to help you choose which products would work best for your skin from our roster of bestselling items. You also get access to a Skincare BFF, a 24/7 skincare concierge for all your questions and concerns.

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If you would like a fully detailed skin report, you can add on additional 30 euros to your order. If you do, you will then receive a fully detailed skin report with recommendations made just for you. 

Altering your skincare routine is a must and our specialists will continue to keep in touch. Get 4 skin consultations per year, 1 for every season. Our skin can react differently to the humid summer months than it does to the cooler seasons and the change in weather can cause a loss of moisture leading to dehydrated skin. We’ll send updates for curated subscription boxes available per season to help alleviate your skincare frustrations. 

Whether it’s a question or a skincare milestone, the Meekah team is here for you! Subscribe now to get first dibs on our brand new seasonal Glow Box, and get a personalized skincare routine made just for you.

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