Makeup Tips From Korean Dramas

If you’re looking for quick ways to upgrade your beauty look, you’ve come to the right place. This time, we’re taking cues from popular Korean Dramas. Looking for inspiration for your next virtual date or even a night out with friends? Steal these ideas from your favorite K-Drama characters. 

A bold red lipstick instantly upgrades a look. 
It’s no secret that Korean actresses are heavily influential that products they wear on their current TV projects sell out easily. This is the case for Suzy Bae, who recently starred in the top Netflix series “Start-Up,” where she navigates life as a fresh-faced Samsan Tech CEO hopeful. 

Bae Suzy Makeup Looks in K-Drama 'Start up'

For the show, it has been reported that her two picks from the highly pigmented L’Absolu Rouge Ruby Cream collection from Lancôme are deep burgundy Ruby Queen 02 and classic red, Bad Blood Ruby 01. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, why not try the rom&nd Glasting Water Tint in #02REDROP? It easily upgrades a look and is the prettiest red regardless of your undertone. 

rom&nd 02 RED DROP - rouge red color that Bae Suzy used in her K-Drama 'Start up'

Try gradient lips!
The simplistic, natural K-beauty approach to makeup materializes in gradient lips, a soft gradation of colour from light to dark, with a tinted finish. Take your inspiration from Cha Eun-jae of “Dr. Romantic 2.” Because of her busy schedule as a second-year surgery fellow, she doesn’t have much time to do any product reapplication throughout the day. With this reality, she uses products that work as hard as she does. 

Dr. Romantic 2 - gradient lips Korean make up looks for beginners

Rom&nd’s seemingly endless variety of tints work like a charm for this trend. Shop here!

rom&nd Glasting Water Tint & Juicy Lasting Tint for korean gradient lips

Makeup is definitely for men, too!
At Meekah, we believe that beauty has no gender. Maybe it’s time to add some beauty face products to your routine?  

For antisocial Kwon Jung-rok, one of  Seoul’s top attorneys in “Touch Your Heart,” his vanity is filled with the entire range of Boy De Chanel. This is the luxury design house’s dedicated makeup collection for men. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see a foundation and concealer, as well as a hydrating lip balm that his movie star girlfriend loves to borrow. 

Any beauty tips you’ve learned from your favorite K-Drama? Leave it in the comments below!

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