Korean Beauty Ingredient Spotlight: Snail Mucin

Trendy hero ingredients in skincare products are all the buzz, and we’ve gotten insight to honey propolis, the hydrating and brightening compound, and willow bark, the natural exfoliant. Now, we’re highlighting snail mucin, the superstar ingredient, which stimulates collagen and moisturizes skin, aiding in regeneration and repair. 


Korean Beauty Ingredient Spotlight Snail Mucin


Highly recommended for dry skin, snail mucin is secreted from, well obviously, snails. It’s most commonly referred to as “snail secretion filtrate,” which aids and protects them. Believe it or not, these sluggish creatures do it when they’re induced with stress! The powerful skincare ingredient is a multi-tasker, which does everything you could possibly need and more! 


Korean Beauty Ingredient Spotlight Snail Mucin


Popular as an anti-aging ingredient, it locks moisture into the skin and repairs the skin barrier for youthful-looking skin. It effectively decreases signs of aging, even those pesky laugh lines and forehead creases! Need more reason to love it? As it boosts collagen, it also heals and calms irritation while stimulating cell regeneration. 


Korean Beauty Ingredient Spotlight Snail Mucin


Where to start? We have some bestselling recommendations you can add to your daily routine!

We’ve gushed about the powerhouse duo from COSRX, the Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence and Advanced Snail 92 All-in-One Cream, for our top Valentine’s gift recommendations for your SO! (It’s never too late for a little post-Heart’s Day gifting, am I right?) 








Add this dream team to your day to day with Snail Secretion Filtrate, which protects skin from moisture loss. The holy grail Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence effectively repairs damage on broken skin and restores elasticity and hydration to skin. It may be a bit tacky once applied to skin but don’t fret, it absorbs beautifully into skin and leaves it supple all day. Meanwhile, the All-in-One Cream is a potent product to reduce early signs of aging while also repairing irritated skin prone to dry patches and acne scars. Use it liberally all over your face; it can even double as an eye cream! 


Korean Beauty Ingredient Spotlight Snail Mucin

If you need a hardworking ingredient that provides moisture, delays signs of aging, and repairs skin damage, snail mucin is a lifesaving agent! 

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