Drugstore Skincare Products vs. K-Beauty Skincare Products

Are you in a dilemma between European drugstore beauty and K-beauty? Let’s dive into the fundamentals of European Beauty, K-Beauty, and why everybody’s talking about Korean beauty products.

Let’s hit the European Drugstore Beauty first. 

If you are from Europe, you may be familiar with European Pharmacy Grade Beauty Products, but in Asia and the U.S., most pharmacies are meant for only medicine and prescriptions. Here in Europe, brands are born from the science behind pharmacies. The pharmacists who delve into the skincare field develop the products after promising studies of natural ingredients that benefit the skin.

Drugstore Skincare Products vs. K-Beauty Skincare Products

Once you enter into a pharmacy, don’t be surprised the pharmacists will be there for you to assist in choosing these products based on your skin type and answer all of your skincare questions! It is truly magnificent just knowing that the person standing behind the counter will be your personal esthetician, isn't it? The business strategy is really attractive to customers who are very new to skincare or those who are looking for European skincare souvenirs. These are the low-cost beauty essentials that locals love, too. European drugstore beauty mainly focuses on basic skincare products like cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, with a “science meets customers” business approach, offering customers a secure feeling.

So, what is K-Beauty, and what makes it different?

South Korea is at the forefront of all things when it comes to unique, advanced, and world-leading technology in skincare and makeup. Korean skincare has been entering Europe and several Korean products like CORSX, ABIB, INNISFREE, ISNTREE, and NEOGEN have already won people’s hearts throughout Europe. 

NEOGEN Day-Light Protection Airy Sun Screen SPF 50 K-Beauty Skin Care Products for Korean Skin care Routine

The philosophy of K-Beauty makes their skincare products special, improving skin’s health over time rather than intending to have quick fixes. It’s all about gentle, well-hydrating, nourishing ingredients for smooth, youthful skin that glows from inside out. From never-before-seen textures and formulations to genius packaging that not only looks good but also enables easier application, nothing can beat the K-beauty innovation. They also care for manufacturing dates to ensure a fresh product. Compared to European products, they offer much cheaper price yet high-quality products.

You may also be inspired by Korean skincare through the beauty secrets of your idols or K-dramas, but have you ever wondered about their multiple skincare steps? True, a K-Beauty skincare routine goes beyond basic skincare stepsnot only including cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. Consisting of products such as ampoules, serums, essences, eye cream, and also sheet masks are designed to work together and nourish your skin to achieve the most coveted skin look. 

Remember, you are unique and so is your skin. Understanding your skin and adjusting your routine according to what it needs is fundamental to a Korean skincare routine. Paying attention to products and ingredients that work best for your skin is key, too.

What inspired you to try Korean skincare products? Comment below.

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