Best 7 Steps to Your Korean Nighttime Skincare Routine

As many of you have known, if you don’t really have a proper nighttime skincare routine, you won’t be able to achieve your ideal skin look. Your nighttime skincare routine is mega important, especially for K-Beauty skincare routine. After a long work day, not only does your body need relaxation, but also your skin is craving for care and proper treatment to remove all the dirt, fat and make-up layer. K-Beauty experts have claimed that nighttime skincare routine is really important and should not be left out. There are a lot of consequences to skin without a proper night routine, such as wrinkles, a faster aging process, oily skin which may lead to acnes problems, etc.  Even though there is not a one-size-fits-all routine, here’s a recommended nighttime skincare regime with a detailed breakdown of every single step that you should have in your K-Beauty skincare routine. 

7 Essential Steps to Your Personal Korean Nighttime Skincare Routine
Remove Your Makeup First

Sleeping with your makeup steals the healthy skin look of your face the most. A cleanser is not always enough to get rid of your day’s grime, oil, dirt, and makeup. Wait you, cleanser! Start your nighttime routine with alcohol-free, gentle make-up remover like micellar water. 

Gently Cleanse Your Face

As a makeup remover lonesome cannot cleanse your face well, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Remember! Cleansing speaks a lot in a nighttime skincare routine. 

If you are not a makeup remover fan, better yet, you can also double-cleanse, i.e., use an oil cleanser first to break down your makeup, sunscreen, and excess oil first and then follow by your foam cleanser to remove dirt, sweat, bacteria, and dead skin cells.

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Use Toner

After washing your face, a toner is an important step to remove any last traces of dirt, grime, and impurities stuck to your pores. It even helps to restore your skin’s pH level and to prevent acne and future breakouts. 

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Treat Your Skin like a Queen

Catch up the right trend – more and more people are adding essence, serum, and boosters in their skincare routine. They are normally infused with different active ingredients, but the main purpose is to hydrate and nourish the skin for the most part. Avoid skincare products that contain drying agents such as alcohols, artificial fragrances, or colors. 

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Use Eye Cream (optional)

Throughout the day, the thin skin around our eyes usually gets less protection from sun exposure which is the main cause of wrinkles and signs of aging. Enhance your facial care with a great hydrating eye cream to brighten up tired skin for younger-looking eyes. 

Moisturize Your Skin 

No matter any skin type you have, the moisturizing step is a must to include in your nighttime skincare routine. The skin usually gets tired and stressed all day and you need to replenish your skin’s hydration level to help rejuvenate the health of the skin. Choose the formula with hyaluronic acid for the best hydrating effects. There are many moisturizers out there for any skin type and concern, too.

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Sheet Masks

A sheet mask is a hidden card of K-beauty skincare that will help you deal with every concern like dehydration, dullness, or aging. All skincare lovers can’t deny this step since it can even give a natural glow experience. Maintain your youthful skin with regular use of a sheet mask in your P.M routine. 

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Beautiful skin all day & night!

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