2021 Skincare Hacks from TikTok

TikTok has been a saving grace for many in quarantine. Consuming information using the short-form video-sharing app has never been easier, especially when we’re navigating the thrilling world of beauty. Whether you’re looking to cut down and simplify your routine with a multi-purpose product or learning how to mix an assortment of skincare products without ruining your skin, it’s all there. It’s an endless blackhole, and you’re bound to get sucked in!

There is an abundance of beauty hacks on Tiktok that will blow your mind! Best of all, you don’t actually need to buy any new products. 

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  1. Use ice on pimples to soothe it. 

Gigi Hadid famously shared on her Vogue Beauty Secrets that the new mom uses toothpaste to dry out her pimples. For New York-based esthetician and make-up artist, Tiara Willis, she uses an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel or plastic bag to deal with skin inflammation. Do this for a minute or two, then finish off with your go-to acne treatment—maybe an acne patch or a sheet mask?

  1. Switch your detergent to help with maskne. 

The occasional maskne may be inevitable, but there’s one hack you may not have considered to curb it. According to Willis, it helps to swap the laundry detergent you’re using to clean your masks. Many are formulated with fragrance, which is a common skin irritant. She highly recommends switching to a more sensitive skin-friendly or dermatologist-approved variant to help prevent pesky breakouts. 

  1. Apply skincare products to damp skin. 

You may want to hold off using a towel to dry your face upon post-cleanse. Maximize the effects of your skincare products by applying them on damp skin. Board-certified dermatologist, Angelo Landriscina AKA “Skinfather” believes this is one of the biggest mistakes people make that could easily upgrade one’s routine. 

  1. Warm your hands to absorb products. 

For skinfluencer Young Yuh, warming your hands right after product application is an effective way to help with absorption and to boost circulation in your face. How? Just rub your hands together and gently press onto skin! 

  1. Tone your face using your fingers. 

Don’t have a fancy face roller or a gua sha? No problem! According to The Body Clinic Skin Care, an esthetician on TikTok, you can DIY your own anti-aging massage by using your fingers and doing a few face exercises. In the long run, it boosts circulation and gives skin a slight lifting effect. 

Here’s to maximizing your skincare products through newfound beauty hacks! Thank you, Tiktok! 

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