Korean Makeup Trends of 2021: From the Most Coveted Mirror Skin Look to Dewy Lips

South Korea is home to several large cosmetic brands, and Korean makeup has gone global, too. Korean makeup trends are ever changing, that means there is always something new for you to try on! If you are a fan of K-Beauty or a newbie to the makeup world, here’s how you can level up your skin look with awesome Korean makeup trends from 2021.

Mirror Skin Look

Korean Glass Skin / Mirror Skin Looks - 2021 Korean Makeup Trends

In the world of makeup, Korean makeup has created a huge buzz with its thrust on innovation, high-efficacy, and the use of natural ingredients in their products. 2021 is the time to say goodbye to glass skin or cream skin and say hello to mirror-like skin which is so glowy, it’s almost reflective. Don’t know how to get your mirror skin look and catch up on the trend? Use a good oil cleanser to clean your skin well. Follow up with a skin highlighting serum, hydrating facial mist, moisturizer, and then SPF

Clearing Skin, Glass Skin, Mirror Skin for Korean Skincare Routine and Korean Makeup - K Beauty pro tips for glass skin
Korean Sheet Mask Set that will not only help your skin hydrated, but also give the skin the glowing effect
Benton Let's Carrot Multi Oil for a fresh, glowing skin day!

Pro-tip: The less makeup or foundation you use, the better your skin will look.


Natural Skin Look

This Korean makeup look is a hit among beauty junkies. Less time, less product, simpler techniquesthe excellent practical option for everyday makeup, which is why most people love it. Since both natural skin and mirror skin simply refer to healthy skin, it all starts with a simple and effective skincare routine which is most important for your skin’s overall health.

Korean Natural Makeup Looks - Makeup-No-Makeup - 2021 Korean Makeup Trends

Pro-tip: Pamper your skin with the best Korean Sheet Masks for smoother makeup application!

Taupe Eye Makeup

Eye makeup makes a bold statement, especially now that we’re all still wearing face masks. Peanut butter color was the trending eye makeup last year. 2021’s spotlight is on taupe with minimal eyeliner. For a more dramatic look, pop the glitter shadows onto your lids, in the inner corners of your eye, and along the lower lash line, plus use more mascara. 

Korean Taube Eye Makeup - K Beauty tips, 2021 Korean Makeup Trends

Embracing natural brows is also a trend. Brow pencil or powder? You can go for what suits your taste. Just fill in any gaps in the brows wherever necessary and blend using a screw brush. Following your natural brow shape is a secret to natural makeup style; however, you can darken your brows occasionally. 

Korean Taube Eye Makeup / BLACKPINK Eye Makeup - Rose Eyes Makeup

Pro-tip: Apply a great hydrating eye cream around your eyes to brighten up tired skin for younger-looking eyes. 

Dewy Lip Makeup

When we talk about dewy lips, some think it’s similar to glossy lips. In fact, dewy lip makeup has a natural, water-like, reflective finish with little to no stickiness. Meanwhile, glossy usually gives your lips high shine and a sticky finish. Dewy lip makeup is here to stay for 2021.

Dewy Lips Makeup - 2021 Korean Makeup Trends - a full, juicy glasting lips gloss

If you are a hardcore fan of lip tints, try the rom&nd Glasting Water Tint to nail the trend and grab more colors here. It is moisture rich and leaves your lips abundantly hydrated without any stickiness. It will even help make your lips look beautifully plump without flaking, drying, or caking.

rom&nd GLASTING LIPSTINT - long lasting Korean lips gloss

Pro-tip: Apply lip care to leave your lips soft and supple in the morning and help to keep lips moisturized for longer and not dry out over time.

Upgrade your makeup game with these gorgeous K-beauty trends, from the most coveted mirror skin look to dewy lips, to have  youthful appearance. 

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